Nicky & Mike

I first contacted Blair as we approached a significant birthday for my husband. I wanted a stand out piece of art for him to remember this special moment in time, and he had long admired Blair's work. I was delighted when Blair said he would consider painting our three children, especially when he'd never painted more than one person on a canvas. He was up for the challenge!

The experience was relaxed and stress free. Blair had a natural, easy going way with our kids. Together we chose the photo from which he painted from, and he allowed us to sit with the painting for a week so that we could discuss and agree on any final tweaks to the finished canvas. He never rushed the process, he took the time to kept us involved, working closely with us so that we ended up with a painting that both Blair and our family are really happy with.

If we had to choose only one thing to keep from our home, it would be the painting. Blair perfectly portrayed the looks and personalities of our children. It's a stand out piece of art that draws so many positive comments and has captured a special moment in our family's life


Blair was looking for a new challenge and I suggested he paint Jake for me! "Jake who?" said Blair ... Well a few photos later and some intense movie chat - the challenge had arrived.

The results were instantly dazzling. The eyes that Blair captured perfectly highlighted an introspective and complex portrait. The vivid colours create a prismatic and shimmering effect that shifts with the light and passing of the day.

Jake now sits above a 1960's antique sideboard gazing thoughtfully out over Whangarei Heads

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