Buying a painting

This is a big subject, so I am going to share my thoughts on two key aspects only.

  • Why buy a painting?
  • How to choose a painting?
Why buy a painting?
The simplest answer is because you like it, are happy to decorate your living space with it and perhaps because you want to invest in the artist that created it. Let's break these down just a little more:

1)You like it - This is an important point and could be because of the paintings:
  • subject matter, colour, size, person or place it represents
  • technique used to create it
  • memories, thoughts or feelings it evokes that you enjoy
You are looking to provide focus, added colour or a special ambience.

  • Focus - a well-chosen painting will draw the viewers eye, giving the space a special and unique focus.
  • Colour – the paintings colour can enhance or complement walls, furnishings or other art.
  • Ambience – in addition to the points above a painting can infuse a room with a special ambience by invoking specific memories or thoughts.
3)Investment – a big subject in itself, and the main points are:
  • You want to support the artist in the development of their career, and/or
  • You take a chance on onselling the painting at some stage in the future for a profit.

How to choose a painting?
This is certainly the most complicated of the two points and some guidelines are:

  • set a budget, and be prepared to exceed it. Why? see point 1) above…!
  • its going to be on your wall for a long time so make sure it is made with quality materials
3.Authentication and Documentation
  • Ensure the painting is signed and keep any receipts or catalogues. If you can get a photo taken where you have purchased the painting and with the artist if possible
Cheers - Blair


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